We are new media producers of documentary films and digital shorts.       
From the ideas, art, and creative talents of the community we create  powerful, impact-filled film.

By uniting like-minded people around film we build businesses, organizations, indivduals and movements for the future.
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At Commonlink Productions, our business is based on the belief that people can work collectively to create the positive change they want to see.  Let us come together and nurture those forward-thinking leaders in our communities. Collectively, we will reward positive, progressive thinking businesses and organizations by contributing our resources and committing our support.  Together, we can redefine "exchange".

By utilizing resources of our time, we produce and promote quality video production for businesses and organizations of various sizes. Our partners harbor ideas of positive impact and progressive thinking. Though we work one-on-one with our clients, we are part of a community of like-minded people that work together as a support system - an ever-growing web of talents, resources, and inspiration. Working together we build both community and client.

Commonlink Productions intends to celebrate the beauty in this world and share it with others. Our primary goal as an organization is to work with people who want to see positive change as much as we do. Our film projects are a compilation of art work, music, ideas and more...all derived from the community for the sole purpose of promoting those organizations, movements, and businesses that we collectively believe in. It is time we start building a future that is worth filming.