Commonlink is the realization of an interdependent vision between two friends. Together they asprire to create a world where people and ideas come together to create new media with the power to unite others.

Mike Dickenson

Two months after completing his English education degree at Montana State University, Mike Dickenson quit the “real world”. Starting in Nevada, he hitchhiked his way down to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a journey that would take him almost two years.

It was this journey that would prepare him for his first documentary entitled: The Map Makers: Project Colombia. Distressed over the current use of main stream media, Dickenson and his friend Adam Tanner set out to prove that there is in fact a positive reality underneath this constant barrage of negative media. Believing there is an underlying gel that connects us all, Dickenson films all over the world asking strangers the most basic, but often the most profound, questions about the human condition.

He currently calls Seattle, Washington his home base and has fallen madly in love with the Pacific North West. He has been a whitewater raft guide, a preschool teacher, a university commencement speaker, a freelance writer, a videographer, a stand-up comedian, and an announcer for Warren Miller Ski Films and has been to over 30 countries. 

Serving Businesses and Organizations
t.Amy Schlotterback

Since graduating from Texas Tech in 2006, Amy has immersed herself in a variety of business and technology related fields - from Corporate Marketing/Sales with At&t, to Business Management and Consulting.  Motivated by her endeavors with various organizations - Amy has learned a variety of modern business techniques, and thereby been moved to seek new strategies for integrating business and community through technology.
Continually inspired by the power of documentary film and experimental videography, Amy has faithfully invested her time and energy to the production and promotion of positive films.  Through tasteful, informative, and inspiring film; she believes organizations everywhere can rise up as leaders in their communities.  She hopes to see these forward-thinking businesses and organizations employ documentary and digital short film, as a non-invasive marketing technique.  By using film, these organizations commit to whole-heartedly informing their audiences; and then lead change in their respective communities.