The MapMakers, A Commonlink Creation
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Commonlink Productions is the proud creator of: The MapMakers, a series of travel documentaries filmed on location in various countries across the globe.  With the intent to help build community by uniting like minds around film - the team produces a webseries, podcasts, and full length films about the transformative nature of travel.

Through personal interviews and conversations with various communities, the team documents an internal investigation of “self” within the context of a rapidly changing external world.  Applying modern day lessons in spirituality, philosophy, and science, The MapMakers test the limitation of these teachings through the medium of travel.  Follow the team to Colombia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Somaliland and across the United States as they investigate the power of perception.  The MapMaker's Series is a unique alternative to main stream media, emphasizing the positive, and aiming for solutions.  Through a real life process of up's and down's, the team taps on the door of evolution to ask, "Where are we heading?"